April 13, 2015 Rajesh

Gotcha: Data Value Changes Not Triggering Smart Campaigns?

We have custom Marketo Fields which are used to import leads data into. We also use these fields on web forms where new leads are created. We have trigger smart campaigns listening to Data Value changes to these fields.. But importing new leads or form submissions are not triggering smart campaigns.. What might be the issue?

The reason you aren’t seeing a Data Value Change is actually due to expected behavior. Marketo does not log Data Value Changes when a new lead is created. In other words, when a new lead is ‘created’, Marketo does not create ‘Data Value Change’ trigger event.

You will need to adjust the logic of your campaigns, as there will be no Data Value Change being logged. Therefore, your trigger campaigns will not fire as expected. Consider using lead is created or some other criteria.



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