December 29, 2016 Rajesh

Marketo at Global Scale – Workspaces and Partitions

Marketo at global scale

For global companies or for companies with distinct product lines, data security stands as an ongoing concern and advanced lead segmentation as an ever-growing necessity to today’s marketer. Marketo workspaces and partitions provide a scalable mechanism to support business needs.

A company might need workspaces/partitions if it have,

  • Regional team
  • Distinct product lines / Brands
  • Different Channels

Bright Aspects team works with several of our large enterprise customers to help them architect their Marketo instance with appropriate lead partitions, workspaces, and related programs in Marketo.

Our customers benefited from our work with regards to,

  • Keeping data separated and secure across regions as needed by law
  • Easier reporting by product line or region
  • Different lead flow and scoring models for each product line
  • Separate view of regional calendars of campaigns

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