December 31, 2016 Rajesh

Marketo at Global Scale: Marketo Field Management

Marketo at Scale

We worked with several large enterprises to help them set up, modify and in some cases, fix Marketo – SFDC field mappings. We worked with Field creation in SFDC, mappings in Marketo

  • Field creation in SFDC, mappings in Marketo
  • mappings in Marketo
  • Designing and establishing field blocking in Marketo
  • Working with SFDC Admin to modify sharing rules, visibility rules, and other code
  • Adding, removing, unlinking Marketo and SFDC fields to the integration mechanism
  • Limiting Marketo’s access to SFDC leads etc
  • Testing, and related efforts.
  • and more

Though Marketo has one of the best mechanism to integrate with SFDC, at a global scale, things can get tricky. A large leads database, complexity due to multiple regions, multiple product lines, multiple sales team and so on makes it necessary to work with someone who has mastery of both Marketo and SFDC. We have an experienced team working on such scenarios.




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