December 31, 2016 Rajesh

Marketo at Global Scale: Channels and Tags

Marketo at Scale

While it is pretty straight forward to send emails and create a landing page in Marketo, implementing Marketo at a global scale for an enterprise instance is a different scenario. Here is one such instance.

We worked with a 100 year old  company that is a house-hold name, to help set up their Marketo instance and establish best practices based program structures in Marketo. We set up several best practices, clonable templates for frequent program types such as webinar programs, landing pages, email programs, roadshow and events programs etc. We set up specific tags and channels with appropriate ‘progression status’ values as you see above. We also made sure these values are in sync with SFDC campaign member statuses. We then helped them to use these structural information pieces in scoring and reporting programs.

In all a smooth running, well-architected demand generation machine powered by Marketo. Marketo makes marketer’s job so easy and rewarding. We love it. And our customers love it too.




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