November 6, 2016 Rajesh

Generate personalized QR code for Marketo emails

Generate personalized QR code in Marketo

Another customer asked us at Bright Aspects recently,

Can we add QR codes to RSVP confirmation emails that would essentially act as tickets?

Event registrants would bring print-outs of the QR code to an event, and scanning the code would update the attendance status for that lead in Marketo.

Hmm. We did build a QR code generator that will work great with Marketo for them. But we thought, why not create it as a service for all our Marketo friends?

We did. 

We created a web-based service for any Marketo customer to be able to create dynamic QR codes. In 10 minutes or less.

No manual work. No alerts. No coding. No SFDC trigger. No server needed. Simple few steps.


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