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Automatically Cap Registrations For Marketo Form

Cap registrations on a Marketo form

One of our customers organizes in-person events as an important marketing tactic to generate and influence leads. Thus a flawless execution of such events is very important for them.

One of the constant issues they had was oversubscription to their events. Since they did the event registrations using Marketo web forms, any person submitting such a form was entered as a registered invite. That was all ok but certain venues could not accommodate the number of such registered invites.

A team member had to manually keep an eye on the event registration numbers almost every hour to ‘suspend’ Marketo registration form as soon as the event capacity had reached.

It was not manageable at all. Also, it compounded as they added, even more, events that needed such attention at the same time. That’s when we can in the picture.

We built a solution for them that allows them to set the registration limits to any Marketo event form one time and the program logic takes care of the rest. No need to ‘baby sit’ the Marketo forms anymore.

It is easy to implement, simple to test, and requires no manual intervention at all.

If you have a limit of only say 50 seats for your event, now you can automatically limit registrations on your Marketo form to 50. In less than 10 minutes. Here are the steps,

  1. Get web hook URL from Bright Hooks.
  2. Create web hook mapping in Marketo (only once)
  3. Use the webhook in Marketo flow action.
  4. Activate, and you are DONE.

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